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Shoreditch Office Interior and Showroom design by The Klassnik Corporation
Shoreditch Office and workplace fit out by The Klassnik Corporation
Shoreditch Office interior fit out by The Klassnik Corporation
Shoreditch Office interior fit out by The Klassnik Corporation Bespoke Book case
Bespoke reception desk
Office fit out and showroom plan and section
Office fit out and desk design plan and section
Rivington-Street-Bespoke Furniture

YCN Shoreditch Office Interior

YCN Rivington Street

This Shoreditch office interior project located on Rivington street, includes a gallery area, library, shop, office, studio spaces and roof terrace for the award winning learning/creative network YCN.


The ground floor is a publicly accessible work and display space defined by irregularly shaped mobile display objects. This kit of parts includes plinths, vitrines, shelves, desks, walls, and steps, providing a variety of display options configurable to the changing needs of YCN’s broad range of contributors and collaborators. Larger pieces can be used to divide the space accommodating a variety of activities, within a single room. These irregular objects fitting together like a jigsaw beneath a chalkboard canvas line which runs the length of the space and is used to announce special offers, or showcase new designers work. A concealed mirrored door leads to the floors above.


At first floor, a grey plywood ribbon forms desk surfaces at a variety of levels and folds up to create vertical displays within door archways. Supported on shuttering plywood plinths and penetrated by readymade grey drawer units where required. Storage and shelving fills walls on both sides, infilling the gaps between the building’s original brickwork chimneys.


One of a number of Shoreditch office interior design projects undertaken for creative agencies by The Klassnik Corporation.





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