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Learniversity. A new era in education is dawning. The university system is changing as the growth in online learning is set to radically overhaul the way we study.

Increased global demand is undermining the state monopoly on education, and the private sponsorship of universities by old benefactors such as churches and charitable foundations is being replaced by corporate partnerships with multinational media companies and fashion labels, each competing to attract loyal student consumers.

Soon everyone will be able to have a degree in anything, whether it's a WebNavigator BA (Hons) or a PhD in Life Experience. More and more, students will be able to study at home, on tailormade courses delivered over the internet, with video-conference seminars and degree certificates emailed directly to their iPods.


As a result, campuses themselves evolve into nostalgic entertainment parks, open to subscribing alumni for weekend visits. These Learniversity hubs are destinations to come and experience the rituals and rites of passage associated with scholarly life in a bygone era.

Students can let their hair down at the Streakers Circle or get wasted in the converted Li_Bar_Y. Book a room at one of the Ivory Towers to experience a magnificent view from one of the 200 metre tall dormitories that form a spectacular backdrop for that all important souvenir from the Graduation Photoflume.

If you can't visit a hub itself perhaps try one of the globally distributed drive through franchises. A 3year BA course condensed into 3 minutes and a distance of 30 metres.

Learniversity, 2007 Team: Tomas Klassnik. Commissioned for The Architecture Foundation and GQStyle Issue 5, New Macho