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Lewisham Dormer Loft conversion rear view corten
Lewisham South London dormer loft architects 3d volume design for detached house
Dormer Loft rear elevation Lewisham planning

Zig Zag Loft, South London


Zig Zag Loft


Addition of a loft room to a detached residential house in Lewisham to provide an additional bedroom and bathroom within the property.  The massing of the new rear dormer clad in weathered steel is visually minimised by breaking it up into a series of alternating facets.  Creating a variety of light and shade on the new cladding and complementing the triangular detailing found elsewhere on the property such as in the existing pitched roof of the extension below.


The contemporary metal finish used in the dormer complementing the tone of the existing historic red brick banding details found on this and adjacent properties.


Large central fixed frame aluminium windows provide unobstructed views from the main bedroom with 2 smaller vertical slot windows used for natural ventilation.


Currently at planning stage expected to start on site 2020.


London, Lewisham