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The Fish Hotel is an environmental installation to provide habitat for the fish of Cornmill Gardens, made in collaboration between architects The Klassnik Corporation and water charity Thames 21. 

The golden shingle installation draws inspiration from the patterned scales of fish swimming below and the diamond facets found on traditional cut glass which were historically manufactured at this site.

Submerged below, a planted structure provides shelter, nesting and feeding space for the fish of the River Ravensbourne. Planting includes sedges, rushes, water mint, brooklime, iris, meadow sweet and purple loosestrife.


'Fake Fishing' workshop events were held at the site to introduce local children to the variety of fish living in the river and potentially checking into the hotel.

The Fish Hotel is an UP Projects production, commissioned in partnership with Lewisham Council, as part of Secret Garden Project Lewisham.

Location: Cornmill Gardens, Lewisham
Completed : September 2014
Client : UP Projects
Contractor : ScenaPro
Photography : Jessica Hayes