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The Desktopolis. Suspended like a monumental executive toy apparently balanced on a church spire. Inside a mile long spiralling landscape supports neighbourhoods of ordinary office desks.

However these desktops have been domesticated now marking entrances to homes for busy city workers
concealed in the ceiling voids above. By contaminating a single programmatic use the emotive landscape conventionally excluded from the workplace is embraced within the Desktopolis.

Violence, lust and rivalry are encouraged between individuals and their territories. Physical waste is also celebrated rather than concealed. The tower's excretions incinerated inside the adjacent waste mountain. One component of this self contained ecosystem of production and destruction.


Finally any residues are added to the mountain's façade it's size slowly increasing alongside activity in the tower.

Standard office components are used within the interiors to create specific rather than homogenous environments. After shooting grouse on the 14ish floor an executive might be found having lunch on the air conditioning plant room suspended outside watching refuse rain down into the tower's landfill core.

A new pattern of social organisation assembled beneath a sky of acoustic ceiling tiles.


Desktopolis, 2006 by Tomas Klassnik.

Exhibited as part of 'Babylondon' at the 10th Venice Architecture Biennale 2006.