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Ziggurat, Clerkenwell


A residential interior refurbishment in Clerkenwell centred around a minimalist bathroom with cast concrete bath, smart glass sliding walls and warm American walnut office snug.


Surfaces, transparency, opacity, reflection, liquids and motion combine in the fluid arrangement of domestic spaces in this 6th floor London apartment. A 1/2 tonne concrete bathtub balances on its pedestal, protruding from the open bathroom into the living area, concealed when required by floor to ceiling sliding glass walls which can transform to reveal or conceal this conventionally most private of spaces.


Rose gold polished steel sliding screens mirror the movement of the bathroom walls, enclosing built in wardrobes and the bedroom. Capturing and distorting reflections from the rest of the apartment as they move.


In contrast to the open cool pallette of the bathroom and main apartment spaces, the corner office area lined in rich American walnut creates a pocket of snug timber texture and warmth with spectacular views out accross the London Skyline.



Location: The Ziggurat Building, Saffron Hill, London

Completed : 2016

Client : Private

Contractor : Purple Brown Building Services Ltd

Photography & Film: Jim Stephenson