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The Great Indoors suggests a near future landscape of tarmac fields and breeze block villas populated by an enervated elite who never leave the house.

Sustained by a diet of uncensored electronic stimulation and takeaway meals provided by swarms of delivery vans and staffed by armies of low paid immigrant labour. Information seeps out through the walls of the house itself, avoiding any requirement for direct physical interaction.

The only escape from this hermetic interior is to climb the ladder that extends out into the sky above, from which you can chat to your neighbours through the built in megaphone at the summit.


This disturbing and absurd proposal is haunted by an uncomfortable plausibility, addressing the realities of contemporary life that architects and designers often attempt to ignore. The Great Indoors challenges preconceived notions of housing through examining the relationships we really have with each other.

Do we want or need to participate directly in society? Or would we prefer to interact solely through the comforting safe distance and mediating control of the internet?

The Great Indoors, 2005 by Tomas Klassnik.

Installation 1st June - 13th July 2007, as part of the exhibition 'Don't Panic' at The Architecture Foundation, Yard Gallery, 49 Old Street, London.


  Traces of a nostalgia for past architectural forms are revealed through the flickering images illuminated in the blockwork wall displays that sheath the user inside.   Four panel doors, milk bottles and net curtains layered amongst the messages and announcements, that emanate from within the house.