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London is getting hotter. Over the past 25 years the average daily temperature has risen two degrees, and it’s set to soar higher still. Future Heat by Tomas Klassnik, explores how a city built for a cooler climate might evolve to cope with our future sweltering summers.

It’s Friday, 8 June 2035, and temperatures are nudging 42 degrees across the city. Your office has been unbearable since the air-conditioning broke down, but now that the weekend is near, it’s time to slap on some factor 88 and take the kids to feed the parrots on the golden sands of Nelson’s Mound. But beware, as on the hour the sprinkler systems installed in Horatio’s hat begin to whir, spraying refreshing droplets of cool water high into the air, creating a beautiful rainbow above Trafalgar Square. Don’t fancy getting soaked? Then head down to the river to visit a Thames Floater.

Towed into place and moored next to Westminster Bridge between June and September each year, the Floaters are a collection of buoyant island structures that have proved a great hit with Londoners.


Grab a cocktail as you promenade around the miles of temporary shoreline, maybe take a stroll on the Big Melt (while you can), or go for a dip in the artificially tinted aquamarine waters that surround you.

Later, why not ride a Motor Floater downriver, to attend one of the festivals that take place upon the assembled mass of Desert Floaters, spanning the river like a warmed-up version of a 17th-century Frost Fair. Should the heat start to get to you, cool off under one of the latest Blowpoles, now certified to operate at up to 412rpm. If that doesn’t do the trick, head for a Drenchpost; if you can afford it, try one of the branded-mineral-water versions, all the rage with workers in the financial district.

Future Heat by Tomas Klassnik is on show as part of GQstyle and The Architecture Foundations's Blueprint for London.

30th March - 5th April 2007, The Yard Gallery, 49 Old Street, London, EC1.Also see GQ Style issue 4 'The London Look'