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Prospect Place - Estate Modernisation Plan


The Klassnik Corporation lead a team including lighting consultants and landscape specialists to identify a series of opportunities to iteratively contribute to the quality of the estate through phased implementation of repair and renewal funding, to try and steer the implementation of maintenance works across the site towards a co-ordinated site goal.


This menu of opportunities of varying scales and costs, included strategically programming pockets of under-utilised space around the estate as child friendly play space and library areas, consolidating the lighting scheme across the site with new LED fittings, refreshing paintwork and other finishes to communal stairwells, wayfinding strategies, floral and edible planting proposals, paving options, entrance features, thematic site colour schemes and ecological features.



Location: Prospect Place, Wapping, London

Construction : 2018-2028

Lighting Consultant : Urban Projects Ltd

Landscape & Planting : LDA Design