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Look & Listen. Bang!....Oowoowoowow... Tink Tink Tink…Shhhh! We were commissioned by Sto Werkstatt to design a series of sculptural structures that provide sonic experiences encouraging visitors to focus on the audible aspects of architecture. 

Entering through a cacophany of tweeting kitsch mechanical birds that line a brightly coloured passage. A space externally clad in a painted grey acoustic panels simulating a ruined stone wall. The main gallery is divided by a metal stud wall that appears to still be under construction, onomatopoeia accumulating on its supports. Glittering black corridors penetrate through this billboard, inside these grottos visitors can interact with golden chain screens and executive toys to experiencing a sensation of acoustic clarity.

The shed-like ‘Board Room’ houses a panel of Sto’s expanded glass granulate acoustic board, which appears to hover, almost animate, voices emanating from its surface. Talking to us, the board retells a collection of audio memories, and stories captured back at Sto headquarters in Weizen Germany.


Downstairs a new permanent interactive structure frames a projection screen with thick folding ash wings on giant castors. A theatrical visual backdrop to the lectures which will take place over the course of the exhibition.

A bespoke CNC milled table provides a platform for a series of ‘sound dinners’. Speaker cones embedded in the surface physically vibrating to specific frequencies during the meal to mark the tempo of courses. 60 Hz pulsing through the salt or shaking the smarties.

The exhibition at Sto Werkstatt utilises the technology of acoustic construction to evoke and host a variety of sonic experiences, asking us to question how what we hear in the spaces that surround us.

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Location: Sto Werkstatt, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 0LL
Completed : 27th March - 1st May 2015
Client : Sto Werkstatt
Contractor : Commissioned By You
Photography : Guy Archard