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CA&D Show RCA 2008. This exhibition design for final year student work required a coherent aesthetic theme to tie together vastly divergent works without overly dominating the posters, books, sculptures, video animations or photographs on show.

White outlines formed individual frames for collections of work against a simple grey background. At the show entrance, face out book shelving provided display space for numerous copies of the show catalogue, interspersed with large laser cut lettering on wooden blocks spelling out the department name. The shelving and signage theme continued in the department shop area, maintaining a focus on the content to be displayed


In the dimly lit downstairs area a large table fitted with angle poise desklamps created a central area for the large number of books produced by students on the course, creating a precious sense of illumination for the intimate scale of the reading material.

The table proving a convenient and popular place to stop, read and discuss the work.

Communication Art and Design summer exhibition

Design Team: Tomas Klassnik, Kate Davies.

Exhibition 21st June - 5th July 2008, as part of show 2 of the Royal College of Art summer show, Kensington Gore, London.