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Matt's Gallery 35th dinner party. Lightweight cardboard tables produced for the gallery's birthday event. 

The circular cardboard tables were designed to function as both table for the meal that evening and a standardised frame for a removable artwork centrepiece made by some of the gallery's past exhibiting artists. Using the graphic language of packaging, bespoke CNC stencils were cut to lay the table with place settings, information related to the artist and the event anniversary.



Artist Centrepieces by Benedict Drew, Leah Capaldi, Brian Catling, Richard Grayson, Susan Hiller, Melanie Jackson, Mike Nelson, David Osbaldeston, Suzanne Treister, Amikam Toren, Roy Voss & Richard Wilson

Location: Matt's Gallery, London, E3 4RR
Completed : 12th June 2014
More photographs of centrepieces & event
Further information about the fundraiser

Matts Gallery Cardboard Table

Matts Gallery Cardboard Tables

matts gallery centre piece