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A Conversation with Le Corbusier. At a Séance held at the Architectural Association, London on the 4/3/2011. An attempt to contact the spirit of the deceased architect Le Corbusier to discuss a range of questions submitted by contemporary architects, critics and designers.

Tomas Klassnik and seven invited guests gathered around a selection of artefacts relevant to the life of Le Corbusier including the recreation of the configuration of objects found on the kitchen table of the villa Savoye (1930) to chant an excerpt from 'L'Angle Droit' written by the architect between 1947-53.




The group then formed a circle of hands around the 600mm diameter Ouija circle to channel answers from the spirit world. Drawings of the responses and other documentation from the event first published in P.E.A.R. Issue No.3 'Sample & Synthesis'.

Location of Event: Architectural Association

Published: Paper for Emerging Architectural Research

Attendees: Beatrice Galilee, Sam Jacob, Liam Young, Anab Jain, Megan O'Shea, Sarah Entwistle, Matthew Butcher, Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier

Photography: Lionel Eid