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From Factories to Flowers. Part of the 'Sparked' exhibition series inspired by 'Art in the Park', the Olympic Delivery Authority delivered programme of integrated public art commissions across the Olympic Park.

For this interactive installation, Tomas Klassnik & Riitta Ikonen created a Biological Drawing Device to explore the UK landscape as an organic canvas.

Inspired by our Fantasticology planting in the Olympic Park, wildflower meadows which recreate the footprints of the industrial buildings which previously occupied the site. This large ball shaped seedbrush was used to draw directly on various green spaces. Interactions with the ball scattering embryonic plants along hidden paths that will later germinate to reveal the linear traces of the ball's activity.


This technique of delayed drawing at an environmental scale suggesting a relationship to landscape & nature as a potential canvas and encouraging reflection on activities that have occurred previously both in relation to the seed ball and the industrial heritage of the Olympic Park site.


Exhibition Venue: View Tube, The Greenway Stratford

Sparked : 25 November 2011 - 22nd January 2012

Design Team: Tomas Klassnik & Riitta Ikonen

Download a children's activity sheet for the exhibition

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