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Design Museum : Zaha Activity Packs. The fabulous models, drawings, and paintings on show as part of the Zaha Hadid exhibition at the Design Museum, display voluptuous forms, vertiginous angles and vibrant colours which can inspire fascination in any audience and particularly an audience of children.

However it can be more difficult, [even for a supposedly sophisticated adult viewer], to understand what the ideas are that lie beneath the surface of this awe-inspiring aesthetic.  When asked to design education Activity Packs for children visiting the exhibition, we set out to try and reveal some of these ideas and underlying methods of production, through a variety of interactive exercises directly related to works in the show. 

The activities suggested by the sheets in the Pack vary in difficulty.  However, whether linking chaotically distributed dots set amidst shards of colour to reveal one of Zaha’s famous buildings; using the tracing paper frame to superimpose multiple viewpoints of Trafalgar Square onto a single canvas; creating a variation of the spectacular ‘Swarm’ chandelier, or designing your own Zaha inspired transformations of everyday products, there should be something to excite and entertain children of any age. 


For those interested in model making, a paper template is included which can with the application of some scissors, glue and some dexterity, transform into a three dimensional Bergisel Ski Jump, complete with mountainous paper Alps.

The Activity Packs aim to stimulate observation, interpretation and imagination, aiding some further understanding of Zaha’s work whilst engaging the creativity of our future young designers…just what might a Hadid washing machine look like?  So pick up an Activity Pack when you visit the Design Museum with your kids. 

Sophisticated adults might even enjoy having a go themselves.

Zaha Hadid Children's Activity Packs, Design Museum, 2007 Team: Tomas Klassnik, Ketan Lad, Dilip Chackraborti

Educational activity sheets to accompany Zaha Hadid's show at the Design Museum 29 June - 5 Nov 2007.

For further information visit the show blog, or click the box below to download sheets from the Activity Pack. [Designed to print at A3]