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BunkBedBusStops. Weary from a late night out, when the bus just doesn’t seem to ever come, climb up and catch 40 winks in a BunkBedBusStop. Swipe your Oyster card to access the top Stargazer bunk and spend a romantic night under the stars..

The area above London’s bus shelters is the equivalent to over 19 football pitches, could this area not be put to some use? With 12,500 shelters scattered across London, thousands of tired commuters could be accommodated. Transport for London using the hourly rental revenue from each bed to subsidise fares across the bus network.

Other forms of accommodation could also inhabit the space above the shelters, for example office space or public conveniences, their facades increasing the shelter's potential advertising space and additional floorspace making the sites potentially more profitable.


Exhibited as part of:

Sheltered: The Bus Stops Here.

Curated by Kingston University MA Curating contemporary design and the Design Museum in association with the Architecture Foundation.

Design Team: Tomas Klassnik

29th Oct - 2 Nov 2008,Gallery@OXO, OXO Tower, London, SE1 8QG


bunk bed bus stops