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Exhibition Design

Susan Hiller, Turin

Social Facts is an exhibition of multi screen projections, installation and photographic works by artist Susan Hiller. Installed in the 100m long contemporary arts gallery of the OGR building in Turin. Working closely with the artist, gallery, curator and installation teams. We developed an exhibition design that responds both to the nature of the works themselves and the unique context in which they are displayed.


The artworks illuminate mysterious phenomena and explorations of the collective unconscious and the exhibition situates these luminous planes and narratives as moments to encounter within the darkened gallery space.


A semi circle of 5 projection screens each saturated by a single colour, (Psi Girls, 1999) are positioned at one end of the space and an installation of multiple analogue television screens, (Channels, 2013) positioned at the opposite end, each work accessed through a central portal and connected by a cord of other works arranged symmetrically along the venue’s central axis leading the visitor on a journey between works.


This sense of visitor pilgrimage is explicitly referenced in the 3 floor projected labyrinths, (From here to Eternity, 2008) whose content (originally found on Cathedral floors) amplifies the religious nave like quality of this ex industrial space.


A new work created for the exhibition (Illuminazioni, 2018) is projected onto a 10m screen. Viewable from both sides and suspended as a levitating plane of light along the central axis of the gallery.


Two sloping displays, support the photographic portrait works (Homage to Marcel Duchamp : Auras) arranged as sentinels either side of the room.


March 2018

Photography & Film

Andrea Rossetti & OGR